Monday, June 07, 2021

Dan l'kaf z'chut (give the benefit of the doubt): I may have been too mean to Zoom davveners :(

In a recent post, I complained that some folks davvening (praying) on Zoom " . . . just stare at the screen and don't follow the usual Jewish tradition of moving their lips when praying--they look as if they're watching a television show."  It occurred to me later that there might be logical reasons for this non-participation.

One might be that people are disheartened and/or depressed about praying on Zoom instead of in their synagogue building with other congregants.

Another reason might be that, particularly among non-observant Jews, many folks simply don't have enough of a Jewish education to know how pray in Hebrew.  Let's get real--how many people are willing to spend literally decades teaching themselves to davven (pray)?  In addition, it may well be that Jews who pray largely, or entirely, in English (or whatever is their native language) simply aren't aware that most Jews have a custom of moving their lips when they pray.

Bottom line:  Stop being so judgmental and hold the criticism, Shira.


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